September 2001 Tour

The September 2001 Tour to Rear Beaver Cove from Bourinot Road

Sorry it has taken so long to report on our walk on Sept. 9th. Everything went as scheduled. After a slow trailer ride; starting at the crossroads, Bourinot St. and Frenchvale Rd, we landed at Loon Lake. We departed there at 4:10 p.m. It was the high 20′s in temperature but a lot of the way was shaded. A half hour later we arrived at the “T” in the road where a road used to lead to MacMullin Lake. The path to the Lake was off the Road a bit and footing was treacherous. The view was worth the effort. We hope to have a work party clear out the old road in the future.

The parties eight members including Fr. Francis Cameron, Janet and Isabel Cameron, Jimmy and John M Mac Neil, Jim Mac Eachern, Joe L Mac Donald and myself then headed for the Rear Beaver Cove Crossroads. We traveled down a straight road in a gentle decline to Indian Bk. As the bridge was “iffy” some of us took a short detour. We then finished crossing the Valley and started climbing the Eastern side of the Big Glen. It proved too steep for one member and a short time later we divided into two parties 6 out front, myself and a straggler taking up the rear. That configuration would later to difficulties as the “expert” was now in the rear; literally and figuratively. Anyway I’m jumping ahead.

We all passed close to the old school, past Rory MacInnis’, the Crossroads (leading to Beaver Cove and Eskasoni), across a brook and Northward. I should mention that since leaving the first crossroads, we had been proceeding due west parallel to Route 223. It was pretty much down hill from there. That’s when a quasi-disaster struck. The forward party took the wrong prong in a fork in the road. You know the story about the old fellow who, when confronted by a fork in the road; took it. That party ended up in what seemed to be a dead end. They relied on their survival skills and walked the Brook out of the woods.

This remedy, while sound, caused some wet feet and scratches, but no broken bones. In the meantime, the second party realized the forward party’s conundrum. Myself and collegue gained the waiting vehicle and headed to Terry Flynn’s. We felt that the forward would follow the ATV trail to the Beaver Cove Takeout. Warren Flynn took his ATV to the fork and found no one. That’s when group 2 knew there was a problem. As we went back up the wood road at Theresa Mac Kinnon’s we met Gerald O’ Handley and Leah MacNeil. They informed us that the forward party had reached them by cell phone and had alerted them that they needed help navigating their way through the brook as darkness was setting in. Ricky and Liam O’Handley came to their help
with flashlights and all were on dry land by 9:00p.m.

There was a great meeting at the bridge in Beaver Cove. Sandra and Gerald Ohandley drove people to their cars and to their homes. Our thanks to Leah, and the O’Handleys for their help. Also thanks to David Grant who delivered the truck and trailer to Beaver Cove an Warren for his help. The next day, all were contacted and expressed a wish to go again but not in the Brook. We hope to have another walk in November. Good Luck. Blaine

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