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  1. Looking for the family church. 1773 my father alexander ross ‘sid’ & brother josef patterson. The church had their names placed on a church plack in respect. Five brothersd moved to the western coast. There should be other Pattersons’ in the area as two brothers remained in the Home area. Both brothers of twins. Their fathers name was John. Original brothers 1773 were Neil & Malcome, Malcome raised a family

  2. Sorry; there are no Paterson’s here. I know of Patterson’s in Sydney Mines and a friend of mine passed away a year ago was Gordon Patterson. He lived in Boulardarie Peninsula 4km. across the lake from us. If they were Catholic, you could try St Joacamin’s parish or it’s parent parish St. Joseph’s in Bras d’Or. Good luck.

  3. Hi Dr. Joe; sorry about the unpardonable delay. From my knowledge, Roddie MacCormick was the only recent member of the St. Andrew’s Parish in Boisdale. He had been adopted by m y great Granduncle, Micheal MacLean and his wife of Beaver Cove. He was living there around the time WWII started. He may have served
    No, most of the MacCormick’s who lived close to here would have lived in Leitch’s Creek/Scotch Lake area. I knew Bill MacCormick, father of a a businessman in North Sydney, Terry. There was a small community of this family North of Rte.223.
    Other clues might exist in Fr. MacMillan’s book, “To the Hills of Boisdale.”

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