1924 Boisdale Community School

R 1 l-r: Joe MacMullin, Malcolm MacDonald, Cal O’Handley, Vince MacLean, Dan Rory MacMullin.
R 2 l-r: Bobby Stevens, Willy White, Michael MacDonald, Charlie MacNeil, Alex Peter MacDonald, John Dan MacMullin, Toots O’Handley.
R 3 l-r: Hector Neil MacNeil, Kay O’Handley, Katie MacNeil, Mary MacIntyre, Margaret MacDonald, Tena MacDonald, Mary Anne MacLean, Fraser MacDonald, Angus MacNeil.
R 4 l-r: Joseph Alex MacIntyre, Roddie O”Handley, Christena MacIntyre, Mary Jo MacNeil, John Dan MacLean, Mickey Joe Steele.
Teacher; Margaret MacLean

What is the Boisdale Historical Society?
The Boisdale Historical Society is a community group intent on preserving the rich history of our area. We collect artifacts and documents, to enrich our understanding of our descendants.  To discover where they settled, how they lived, farmed, lumbered, fished and worshipped . When they left, where they went, i.e. coal mining towns , Steel Plant, to the Boston States, Ontario or Out West.

The collection of the Boisdale Historical Society is representative of the cultural heritage of the Boisdale area. In addition to the documents and artifacts the collection includes information about them, such as accession records, catalogue descriptions, field notes and records, tape recordings, photographs, published papers and correspondence.

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