Membership is $5.00 a year or $25.00 lifetime (can occur after 5 consecutive years)

Besides membership, monetary donations would be greatly appreciated. It would allow us to continue this labour of love.

Should anyone wish to donate or loan any historical pictures or documents, we would gladly accept.
In the case of a loaned document, we will track ownership and return as soon as possible

4 thoughts on “Memberships

  1. Hi,
    My name is Bobby MacDonald, my father was Donald MacDonald from New York. I would like to obtain a lifetime membership. Would you please let me know the steps I need to follow. My father passed away April 27 of this year but he has many photos that may be of interest too you. I am not sure how many pictures contain captions or names but I have vowed to look into it as a tribute to my dad. My family plans to come up this summer as my parents normally have.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Bobby; Sorry about the delay. Your father contributed a lot to our community in his earlier life and whenever he and Pat visited us in warmer months. I remember seeing his old green bus parked in front of the old hall/former consolidated school. Yes, we look forward to sharing any photos you may have. Please stay in touch

  3. Hello , my name is Scott MacMillan. Both of my grandparents were from Boisdale. Hector MacMillan and Catherine McLeod. I’d love to become a member. I don’t have much information about the area and am planning to visit soon.

  4. Hi Scott; Sorry about the delay.Our initiation dues are on our site. My Mom was a MacMullin and you’ll find that the two names (at least in this area) are interchangeable. You’re always welcome. Keep us posted.

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