May 2002 Tour

The May 2002 Survey at Mickey MacNeil’s Old Place

Hi folks. I wanted to report on some survey activities in the rear Boisdale on 20020519. Norman MacIntyre, Blaine MacKinnon and Joe Mac Donald went out after dinner to do some exploring to determine if there was still a road link from Mickey MacNeil’s old home in the Rear to his father’s home which is geographically located southeast of it; across a brook. I had never been into the property. The driveway is located aproximately 4km. from St. Andrew’s Church on the
east side of Bourinot Rd.;about halfway between Johnnie MacNeil’s old place and Eric Bunin’s residence (at Johnnie Steele’s old place)
I expected a much longer walk into the property. You pass a small brook, a road off to your right(south); you stay on a fairly flat plain until you reach an opening. Its’ a pasture thats partly grown up about 1/2 km. from the road.
As you may have read last fall. Initially, we were cautioned by Johnny Malcolm MacNeil that Mickey’s road was not connected to the wood road that enters the woods from the Frenchvale rd. opposite Sadie and John Alex MacNeil’s. That road with its various arteries connects to Donald Kenny MacMullin’s driveway. Today, we were surveying the possibility of a connector road from Mickey’s to that wood road. There’s a brook that runs 200m behind Mickey’s place parallel to the Bourinot Rd. The landscape falls at a reasonable angle to the brook. That brook eventually leads to Barrachois Glen. The hill, opposite the brook, is steeper and rises at least 100ft. above. We covered a semi circular pattern from the east side of Mickey’s house to the brook.
We were looking for a road or trail. We discovered that as you would be entering the open pasture land; the main road stays to the right or south. It then slopes gently down the hill in a southerly direction. Unfortunately, its grown in a lot and could only be followed slowly by leaving a starting point as reference before its gobbled up by the undergrowth.
The weather was not warm but it suited our tripping and sliding over fairly wet conditions. Later, when we were having tea at the site of Mickey’s place we thought about thius beautiful spot. We could see a fairly pointed hill north of us. We could also see the lay of the land (pre-foliage). This is the upper side of the Barrachois Glen as it hooks south from West and heads to Johnny Steele’s. Again we thought about how hard it was to leave this comfortable and beautiful seclusion. Admittedly, it would be closer to central locales. The pastures speak to the hard work and dedication that went into this old farm. Blaine

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