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  1. Mary Steele was my Great Aunt! Wonderful memories of her in Boisdale when I was a kid. She was the sister of my Grandfather, Neil Steele.

  2. Hi Elaine; Sorry, I wasn’t aware of Neil. I was certainly aware of Mary; a very hard working and kind woman. Mostly, I knew Sally. Her and I were buds especially during my university days. I also knew the Sister. Currently’ I’m fb friends with 2 of Alex’s grandchildren.

  3. Would like to talk with Elaine Steele. We have been doing family history and have some questions on Mary Steele.

  4. I would love to see a clearer image of this photo. It doesn’t look like Mary “Steele” even as I remember her as a child (maybe because the face is blurred in the photo).I do remember that her mother lived with them and died in their house but can’t remember the year. Oh and Elaine I do remember Neil. He was a great Gaelic singer and was also a friend of my father Hugh MacIntyre who worked on the CNR as a section-man.

  5. Dropped in on a whim after disappearing – what a surprise to see the comments. My Grandfather Neil Steele passed when I was three. Sorry to have never known him but I do remember the stories often told of his gaelic singing. I have a box of pictures I should post. Maybe you could help me identify the people. Sadly, my father and his siblings are all gone now, most recently with the passing of my Dear Aunt, Marjorie Steele three years ago.

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