3 thoughts on “Fr. Allan MacMillan- Geneologist, courtesy Arlene MacInnis

  1. Hello Father ALLAN.My name is Dolores ( Dodie Murphy) Mac Dougall Mac Gillivary, now living in Airdrie Alberta . I have been told that your mom and my Grandmother Margaret (Mac Kenzie ) Mac Dougall from ORANGEDALE , CHRISTMAS ISLAND were sisters.I would love to know who my Grandmothers other family members were.Father Dan (Mac Neil ?) was the son of one of Grandmas sisters. I will be 70 in April and was a teacher for 33 years in Antigonish and Pictou County.My husband is from Sydney .He was a Principal in West Pictou and with Human Resources till his retirement. Hope you can help.God Bless.Peace Dolores

  2. Hi Delores; sorry about the lateness. I will forward this on to our resident geneologist (who’s actually your cousin) for some thoughts.

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